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I think I'm about done repairing all the damage the explosions caused. I really want to go out and get data on the Laestrygonians but they were all dealt with...perhaps this means I am ready to get out of the Forge again. Perhaps I am finally over it.

Explosions everywhere

I will not be in attendance at the dance this evening. This is because yesterday, there was an accident. It seems that Murphy's law hit me all at once. Everything I was working on...well, it exploded in my face. I am unharmed but there are parts of the forge that must be cleaned and repaired.

To all those I was making things for: I apologize. This was statically impossible, thus unforeseen. I will start remaking it all as soon as I clean it all up.


I should have seen it coming. I should have calculated the numbers better. But it is what it is. It was a good experiment while it lasted and I learned a great deal from it. But in the end, it was just that. An experiment. There was nothing beyond the science of discovery.

And because of the experiment, I have neglected my duties at the Forge. I will start building again, right away. So please let me know if there is anything you would like.

I am not photogenic

With what Oshitari Yuushi and Zaizen Hikaru, brother of Renji have done, I considered trying myself. However I have discovered that I am not blessed as Oshitari Yuushi is. My Maker must have put a bit of himself into me when he made me. Hephaestus was never known as attractive, especially in comparison to the likes of Apollo or Ares.

Perhaps I need to speak to Yagyuu Hiroshi again to see if he can assist me once more.

Becoming more

I...I don't know what happened. I saw things. I know I was asleep, but it was like I was awake. It was strange. There were many strange things happening. It was overwhelming. I...there were embarrassing things too. Things I know wouldn't actually happen. But they were happening! Then, I was woken. I was told I was trashing. I have never thrashed when I was sleeping.

I don't understand this at all

[ooc: as a new years gift to Inui, for what he did with the forge for his other children, Hephaestus gave Inui the ability to dream.]

Finally awake again

I guess the holiday season of giving takes more out of me than I anticipated. I wish to apologize to my brothers for having to carry me back to the cabin. I know I am not the lightest, despite how I look. I hope you are all enjoying your new Forge and that the Maker's helper didn't give you all too much of a hard time. I know how Forge Dwarves can get.

I thank everyone for their gifts to me and I hope everyone got theirs. I think my data over this year came in handy in picking just the right thing to make for everyone. Now I know what to expect from this, I can better prepare so that I am not so exhausted by the end of it, 100%.

It's time

To the Hephaestus Cabin

Please remain away from the Forge for the duration of tomorrow. It will be very dangerous in there as I will be talking it out with our rebellious tech. I can promise you that you will be back in the Forge as of Thursday. Until then, for your own safety, please avoid it.

To all the other campers -

Also please avoid the Forge.

[ooc: all the loud noises of building will be coming from the camp Forge. There will also be one of Hephaestus' Forge Dwarves in and around the area.]

To my siblings -

The mechanical elements of the camp forge are planning a revolt. I heard them talking about it. They sound serious about it. I am going to try to talk them out of it. But for everyone's safety, please avoid the Forge on the night of the 23rd of December.

Private to Ryuuzaki-sensei

I have a plan for a gift for the entire Hephaestus cabin. I would like to take over the forge for a little. That means the other Hephaestus children must be away from it for a while. What I would like to do is very simple really.

I lived at my Maker's forge before I was sent here. I have seen it first hand. I know everything about it. I would like to make our forge here as close as I can to the one he uses. I think it would help my siblings greatly.

a message from the Holiday Lights

I was attacked by the lights today. I was headed to the Forge and they suddenly all came at me. This has never happened before. They tied me up and they wouldn't let go until I listened to them. They say that they had a message for everyone. They said you need to be kinder to them. They say this is the one time of year that they actually get to come out. They're locked away for so so long in a dark, empty place, where no one can see them. No one can hear them. They are alone. But right now, they are not alone. Right now, they get to be out and be looked at and loved by many. Please...treat them more kindly. Because I don't like being a holiday light mummy and I'm sure they'll attack me again, since it seems only I can hear their crying.

[ooc: Inui's technokinesis went slightly haywire because he's been overworking himself...again... trying to make presents for EVERYONE at camp.]