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Data Compalation Vol. 5

Inui Sadaharu
3 June
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This is an in-character journal.

Character name: Inui Sadaharu
Character journal: will be made on acceptance
Age: 18

Godly parent and justification:
Because of what he is, Inui is highly intelligent but also socially stunted. In fact, he’s more comfortable observing before he jumps in. Think before action, to find the 100% best course of action. His is a world of facts and equations and logic. He’s not very good at picking up social cues and he has been known to outright stalk people that he has found “interesting” to his data collecting. To him, knowledge and curiosity about the world around him is a normal. He craves data. His mind is constantly on the go to the point that he rarely sleeps. He sees connections were no one else would. Like his creator, Inui is highly intelligent and creative, often in odd ways. He comes across as an awkward, geeky mad scientist.

Technokensis: Inui can communicate with and control machines. This is because most machines identify him as one of them.

Item creation: MacGuyver on steroids. He can see how items when put together can create amazing things. Such as a flamethrower with some gum, duct tape, a paperclip and some lighter fluid.

Heat immunity: living at the Forge and being a construct means that Inui can withstand high levels of heat.

Setbacks: 34% of the time, his stuff blows up on him or just falls apart and doesn’t work at all. Because he’s tech, he’s also very very vulnerable to magic such as Hecate’s children wield.

No sense of taste: because Inui is a construct, he honestly has no sense of taste. His attempts at cooking/his juice has made the strongest men faint/cry/wish they were dead.

Inui is not quite human and never will be. He’s not really a god either. What he is; is a construct. His father, Hephaestus, after many years of creating various amazing things, decided it was high time to try and create something like Pandora once again. That creation is Sadaharu. He is a complex growing, evolving and learning automaton. He is flesh and blood and he is metal and wire. He is a machine made alive by the power of his father.

Most of his life, he has lived at the Forge. His friends were the Forge automatons and the dwarfs that man the bellows. He has never met his father’s divine family. In fact, he’s never really been in the outside world all that much. It is only his insatiable curiosity and his father’s will that he is at the camp. It was decided by Hephaestus that Sadaharu go to the mortal realm and experience all that the human world can hold. After all, a learning machine can’t learn if he is stuck in one place.

He has been in the camp for quite a few years now. He has collected a great deal of valuable data (and a lot more data that really has zero point other than to have it) and he has grown quite exponentially from when he was brought from the Forge.